Cheap website design for small business owners

Are you a small business owner?

If yes, then I have a website solution for your business.
You do not need a fancy website especially if you are in your hey days. For a start a very basic website would meet your online needs as a small business and all you need for a small business website is as follows:
  1. A home page that presents your business to the online community like a sales agent would do.
  2. An about page that presents your business like a customer service agent should.
  3. A contact page to share your various touch points and channels through which the online community can get to your business.
  4. A blog for feedbacks and interaction with your customers.
With the above information online, designed and presented the way you want it, you will certainly have an edge over your niche competitors.There is certainly a price to pay for this but the good news is that am concerned about your business growth so it is very much affordable.

Why is it affordable?

Normally, to own a website you make three payments:
  1. You pay for a domain name. e.g. Usually this is an annual payment.
  2. You pay for hosting space. This is the Hard Disk space on the internet computer where your website pages as mentioned above (home, about, contact, blog, etc) will be stored. Usually this is a monthly payment.
  3. You pay a web designer to create the pages, give them the look and feel you want, and put them online for public access.
  • With the simple website solution am proposing, you pay for 1 & 3 only. You do not pay monthly fees for hosting. Not now, not latter on.
  • All you pay is 25K for domain name registration annually + a one time 50,000frs (approx $100) payment for web design services and your website will always be online to serve your customers. In summary, you pay 75,000frs (approx $150) the first year and 25,000frs (approx $50) for the following years.
This is a promotional offer limitted to first 6 customers only.

This website you are viewing is a sample and you may learn more about the advantages of a website for a small business

Contact me or send a WhatsApp to 696099223 as I look forward to do business with you.

Thank you

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